Round 3 is an important week for SuperCoaches.

This is the last week before the price rices take effect.

Guys like Moses Mbye and Cody Walker will see massive price rises in the next few weeks and could go up as much as 80k depending on their scores in Round 3 of the NRL.

A couple of other must have cheapies are Jayden Nikorima and Pat Mata’Utia  who are both priced at $113800 and are set for massive prices.

Remember SuperCoach is like playing the stock market so it is imperative that you take advantage of the price rises so it allows you to build up your team value which will then help you turn your assets into cash or other gun players.

Below is a list of some of the must have players you should look at getting into your squad next week.

PlayerPositionTeamPriceBreak Even
Moses MbyeHFBCanterbury Bulldogs273400-94
Cody Walker58 – HBSouth Sydney Rabbitohs122600-88
Craig GarveyHOKCanterbury Bulldogs134600-62
Pat Mata’utiaCTWNewcastle Knights113800-60
Paul Carter2RFSouth Sydney Rabbitohs164400-56
Jackson Hastings58 – HBSydney Roosters133300-48
Kyle Turner2RFSouth Sydney Rabbitohs181100-44
Jayden NikorimaHFB – HOKSydney Roosters113800-43
Nathan DavisCTWGold Coast Titans113800-43
Daniel SaifitiFRFNewcastle Knights113800-42
Hymel HuntCTWSouth Sydney Rabbitohs178300-39
Jordan RankinFLB – 58West Tigers145500-31
Latrell MitchellCTW – FLBSydney Roosters113800-22
Curtis ScottCTWMelbourne Storm113800-22
Sam MataoraFRFNewcastle Knights177000-20
Ashley Taylor58 – HFBGold Coast Titans133300-20
Jacob Saifiti2RF – FRFNewcastle Knights113800-20
James GavetFRFNew Zealand Warriors133300-11
Josh Aloiai2RF – FRFWest Tigers1138000
Sam Burgess2RF – FRFSouth Sydney Rabbitohs4237002
Martin Taupau2RF – FRFManly Sea Eagles3692009



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